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… and see some brand new DIERS products in practice:

DIERS 4DmotionLab (high-performance): Motion Analysis while Running

DIERS 4Dmotion®Lab / high performance

Synchronous Motion Analysis of  the Spine, Leg axis and Foot Pressure while Running.

2in1 Sensor: Inertial + EMG

DIERS i-emg

The compact 2in1-sensor allows a synchronous measurement of muscle activity (EMG) and a three dimensional measurement of movement.

DIERS statico: wide field of view

DIERS statico 3D

The Entry-level Model for Spine & Posture Analysis:
The basic system DIERS statico 3D permits a rapid, high-resolution optical measurement of the human back. To extend the range of application the DIERS statico 3D can be upgraded with a leg axis analysis module as well as with the foot pressure plate DIERS pedoscan.

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