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Multicenter Comparison of 3D Spinal Measurements Using Surface Topography With Those From Conventional Radiography.
Spine Deformity (4), 98-103

Knott, P.; Sturm, P.; Lonner, B.; Cahill, P.; Betsch, M.; McCarthy, R.; Kelly, M.; Lenke, L.; Betz, R. (2016).


Rasterstereographic Measurement of scoliotic Deformity.
Scoliosis 2014, 9(22)

Drerup, B. (2014)


Evaluation of a Novel Spine and Surface topography System for Dynamic Spinal Curvature Analysis during Gait.
PLos ONE; 8(7), 1-8

Betsch, M.; Wild, M.; Rapp, W. et al. (2013).



Validity and Reliability of Spine Rasterstereography in Patients With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. SPINE 42(2), 98-105

Tabard-Fougère, A.; Bonnefoy-Mazure, A.; Hanquinet, S.; Lascombes, P.; Armand, S.; Dayer, R. (2016)


Temporal characteristics of foot roll-over during barefoot jogging: reference data for young adults.
Gait Posture; 21(4), 1-8

De Cock, A.; De Clercq, D.; Willems, T.; Witvrouw, E. (2004).


Pressure Distribution Patterns Under the feet of new walkers: the first two month of independent walking..
Foot Ankle International; 24(5), 444-445

Hallemanns, A.; D´Août, K.; De Clercq, D.; Aerts, P. (2003).


Comparison of Barefoot vs. Shod Gait on Spinal Dynamics Using DIERS Formetric 4D and DIERS Pedoscan Systems.
OJTR; 3, 70-76

Draus, C.; Moravec, C.; Kopiec, A.; Knott, P. (2015)




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