DIERS pedofeedback

Biofeedback Training

The biofeedback software for the foot pressure plate DIERS pedoscan offers variouse modalities for specific training therapies. The optical feedback of the patients activity effects a high motivation and promotes the therapy progress.

  • Training configuration based on an existing foot pressure measurement

  • Selfconfiguration apart from measuring data

  • Flexible choice of training time

DIERS pedofeedback: Biofeedback Training with Foot Pressure Plate

Various Training Modalities

DIERS pedofeedback training: 8-curve


DIERS pedofeedback training: balance test

Balance Test

DIERS pedofeedback training: step test

Step Test

DIERS pedofeedback training: weight distribution

Weight Distribution

Point Tracking

DIERS pedofeedback training: jump test

Jump Test

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DIERS Overall Brochure

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