DIERS 4Dmotion®

The leading technology in the field of 3D spine and surface topography

For the first time it is possible to visualize the complex motion pattern of the spine and pelvis during walking and to monitor the results. This technological breakthrough is based on the innovative software and an advanced camera system.

  • Radiation-free & Contactless

  • Fast Examination Procedure

  • Compact Dimensions (only 2 x 4 m)

  • High Economic Efficiency

  • Pioneering Technology

DIERS 4Dmotion: Dynamic 3D-Spine Model
  • DIERS 4Dmotion: Frontal View
  • DIERS 4Dmotion: vertebral rotation
  • DIERS 4Dmotion: Movement of Pelvis
  • DIERS 4Dmotion: Sagittal Profile

Technological Features

DIERS 4Dmotion: Analysis of Vertebral Rotation

Analysis of Vertebral Rotation

4Dmotion Technology: Dynamic 3D Spine Model

Dynamic 3D Spine Model

DIERS 4DmotionLab: Motion Analysis from Head to Toe

Upgradable to a Compact Motion Analysis System (DIERS 4DmotionLab)

Measuring Parameters

Here you can find a few of the numerous parameters of a formetric measurement: