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DIERS 4D motion® Lab

The Compact Solution for Motion Analysis

The 4D motion® system for dynamic spine measurement is the key component of the DIERS 4Dmotion®Lab. This motion laboratory is a time and space-saving solution that allows the synchronized measurement of the whole musculoskeletal system.

  • Compact Dimensions

  • All-in-one Solution

  • Individual Configurations

  • Fast Examination Procedure

  • High Economic Efficiency

3-in-1 Solution

The DIERS 4D motion® Lab consists of the following components:

DIERS 4Dmotion: Dynamic Spine Analyis

DIERS 4Dmotion®

DIERS 4Dmotion® is the leading technology in the field of 3D spine and surface topography: Based on an innovative software and an advanced camera system it is possible to analyze and visualize the complex motion pattern of the spine and pelvis during walking.

DIERS leg axis (posterior): Video Gait Analyis

DIERS leg axis (posterior)

Using the leg axis module, it is possible to provide a two-dimensional documentation of leg axis geometry in addition to spinal and postural analysis. This makes it possible to directly include the effects of correcting foot malpositions on leg axes and spine.

DIERS pedogait: Treadmill with integrated Foot Pressure Plate

DIERS pedogait

The DIERS pedogait system allows the functional representation of the foot pressure reaction forces during walking. The integrated measuring platform is 1.0 m long with 5.376 sensors for an exact capture of the pressure values.

Synchronized Measurement

Dynamic Spine + Leg Axis Geometry + Foot Pressure

Simultaneous Measurement: Dynamic Spine + Leg Axis + Foot Pressure

Additional Components

DIERS leg axis lateral: Video Gait Analysis

DIERS leg axis (lateral)

Optional camera module for the analysis of leg axis geometry in lateral view

DIERS leg axis lateral: Video Gait Analysis

DIERS leg axis (anterior)

Optional camera module for the analysis of leg axis geometry in anterior view

2in1 Sensor: Inertial + EMG


The compact 2in1-sensor allows a synchronous measurement of muscle activity (EMG) and a three dimensional measurement of movement.

Compact Dimensions

DIERS 4D motion® Lab


appox. 1,5 x 4 m

DIERS 4D motion® Lab

+ leg axis lateral

appox. 2 x 4 m

DIERS 4D motion® Lab

+ leg axis lateral (left and right)

appox. 3,5 x 4 m


Lückenotto GmbH

Institute for Body Statics & Sensomotory Function


Center for Motion Analysis


Centre for Bike Fitting, Run Analysis and Musculoskeletal Injuries

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DIERS Overall Brochure

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