DIERS 4D posture Lab

Posture Analysis from Head to Toe

By the combination of the two measuring systems DIERS formetric 4D and DIERS pedoscan it is possible to inspect simultaneously the spinal form, the pelvic position, the pressure conditions under the feet and the body’s center of gravity. This synchronized measurement is a valuable feature for an optimal treatment e.g. with posture-correcting insoles.

  • Compact Dimensions

  • 2-in-1 Solution

  • Fast Examination Procedure

  • High Economic Efficiency

2-in-1 Solution

DIERS formetric 4D + DIERS pedoscan

DIERS formetric 4D

DIERS formetric 4D

3D/4D Spine & Posture Analysis

The DIERS formetric is a light-optical scanning method based on Video-Raster-Stereography (VRS). Accordingly, the system consists of a light projector which projects a line grid on the back of the patient which is recorded by an imaging unit. A computer software analyzes the line curvature and generates from it  – by means of the method of the Photogrammetrie – a three-dimensional model of the surface, comparable to a plaster cast.

DIERS pedoscan: Foot Pressure Measurement

DIERS pedoscan

Static and Dynamic Foot Pressure Measurement

The foot pressure recording and gait analysis system DIERS pedoscan allows the pressure distribution on the human foot tobe captured and displayed quickly and precisely, while standing or while walking.

Simultaneous Measurement

DIERS posture lab: spine analysis + foot pressure measurement

Additional Components

DIERS leg axis posterior (static)

DIERS leg axis (posterior)

Optional camera module for the analysis of leg axis geometry in posterior view

Cervical Spine Measurement (Range of Motion)

DIERS cervical spine

Using the Cervical Spine module, the mobility of the cervical spine (range of motion) can be three-dimensionally recorded. The movement directions of flexion, extension, lateral flexion left and right, and rotation to the left and right are measured.

3D Simulation Platform

DIERS Simulation Platform

The simulation platform can be used to evaluate leg length differences and foot malpositions. The effects of treatments on the spine, pelvis and posture can be simulated with the platform.

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