DIERS cervical spine: 3D-Recording of the Cervical Spine (Range of Motion)

DIERS cervical spine

3D-Recording of the Cervical Spine (Range of Motion)

Using the Cervical Spine module, the mobility of the cervical spine (range of motion) can be three-dimensionally recorded. The movement directions of flexion, extension, lateral flexion left and right, and rotation to the left and right are measured. The measurement data and asymmetries are graphically shown and can be analysed. The measurement process takes place using a light, specialized head hood. The DIERS formetric 4D system requires an additional camera module for the cervical spine measurement.

  • Compact Dimensions

  • Fast Examination Procedure

  • High Economic Efficiency

DIERS cervical spine: camera module + head hood

Additional Equipment to upgrade the DIERS formetric System:
Camera Module + Head Hood with Reflective Markers

DIERS cervical spine: Lateral Flexion

Lateral Flexion

DIERS cervical spine: Extension-Flexion

Extension – Flexion

DIERS cervical spine: Rotation


Clinical Applications:

• Motion Assymmetries

• Movement Restrictions due to Muscular Tensions

• Vertebral Blockages

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Product Brochure

DIERS Overall Brochure

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