DIERS simulation platform: Evaluation of Leg Length Differences

3D Simulation Platform

For the Evaluation of Leg Length Differences

The simulation platform can be used to evaluate leg length differences and foot malpositions. The effects of treatments on the spine, pelvis and posture can be simulated with the platform. During the examination, the patient stands on two separate standing surfaces which can be adjusted in three directions. Correctional parameters – e.g. for insoles which are to be made – are determined with millimetric precision.

  • Motorized Adjustment in 3 Dimensions

  • 2 Separate Standing Surfaces

  • Millimeter Precision

Adjustable in 3 Dimensions

(Millimeter Precision)

Controle Panel of the Simulation Platform
Simulation Platform: Adjustment in 3 Dimensions

Case Example

Leg Length Compensation

Leg Length Difference (Initial Measurement)

Initial Measurement

Spinal Deformity caused by Pelvic Obliquity

Leg Length Compensation (+5mm right))

Leg Length Compensation and Straightening of the Spine

(Right Side: +15 mm)

Pelvic Obliquity (Comparison)

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