Functional Analysis of the Musculoskeletal System

We are specified on biomechanical measuring systems to fulfil the rising clinical demands of the interdisciplinary medicine. Main focus of our research and development is the light-optical 3D / 4D spine & posture analysis,  the foot pressure & gait analysis and last but not least the muscle strength measurement.

DIERS posture Lab

DIERS 4D posture Lab

The Compact Solution for Posture Analysis

DIERS 4DmotionLab

DIERS 4D motion® Lab

The Compact Solution for Motion Analysis

DIERS 4D motion® Lab
// high performance

Motion Analysis with up to 240 fps

DIERS statico 3D: The Entry-level Model for Spine & Posture Analysis

DIERS statico 3D

3D Spine & Posture Analysis