DIERS DICAM 3: Digital Imaging and Application Management Software


Digital Communication & Application Management

The Software DICAM 3 is the “technological heart” of the DIERS product portfolio: It manages a great variety of modalities, applications, hardware and software for medical imaging; including synchronization, archiving, recording, processing, viewing and reporting.
With an intuitive user interface and straightforward navigation, it guides the user through any workflow, whether fast examination or detailed expert analysis. A range of specific add-on modules allows flexible configuration of the DIERS devices for a variety of applications.



Dicam3 offers step-by-step, user-friendly and easy to understand guided execution sequences, that define logical sequences to be executed in a certain order, frequently with user instructions on how and why. The most common sequence is how to do acquisition and analysis for a certain application.

Remote Support

A competent team of software experts and clinical application specialists can provide fast and reliable assistance via integrated remote support feature.

Centralized Organization

Due to a centralized organization of all data (personal data, anamnesis, diagnosis, images, point clouds, various results, etc.) belonging to an examination, Dicam3 offers applications that “see the forest beyond the trees”: visualization, analysis and understanding of structures, connections and anomalies that give insight and understanding of the causes behind a medical condition.

Combination & Synchronization

Due to combinations, variety and synchronization, Dicam3 opens the medical imaging field to an almost endless range of applications able to perform differential diagnosis, define multi-modality scores and apply virtual simulation and prediction. For large scale screening and monitoring, Dicam3 has countless possibilities; all of them complete radiation free and non-invasive.

The Bridge to Therapy

DICAM combines the outcome of different measurement devices with expert’s knowledge of research and clinical case studies, which have been collected over the past 10 years. The result is the DIERS theraline software solutions, which offer customized treatment proposals for individual patient care.

Customized Configuration

Currently, a great variety of tools, visualizations, statistics etc. are developed in cooperation with universities, clinics, physicians, osteopaths and other medical professionals. A very versatile and flexible implementation also makes it very easy to create and implement all kind of new and customized applications.

New Features of DICAM 3:

in comparison with DICAM 2