DIERS i-emg

2in1 Sensor: Inertial + EMG

The compact 2in1-sensor allows a synchroneous measurement of muscle activity (EMG) and a three dimensional measurement of movement. The wireless data transmission gives a high range of flexibility in application. The integrated intertial sensors have a precise output in three dimensions of the movement and its related angles. By positioning of two sensors on adjacent body segments, the range of motion and the angular position of the intermediate joint can be determined. The system is designed to be expanded for the use of a single joint measurement up to a simultaneous whole-body measurement (with up to 16 sensors). The integrated surface EMG detects the muscle activity of up to 16 muscle groups at the same time with bipolar electrodes.

  • Time-saving 2-in-1-Solution

  • Wireless Flexibility

  • Simultaneous Whole-Body Measurement

  • Can be integrated in the DIERS 4Dmotion®Lab

DIERS i-emg: 2in1 sensor (EMG + Inertial)

EMG + Inertial
Simultaneous Measurement

EMG (Cycling)
Inertial Measurement (Cycling)

Special Features



Step-by-step instruction for the correct application of the sensors and an efficient workflow.

Full-body measurement with wireless sensors


Choose from 6 up to 16 sensors for a simultaneous whole-body measurement.

Portable Motion Capture and EMG


With the optional transport case you have always everything well organized and available.

Clinical Applications:

• Clinical gait / motion analysis
• Sports / Training Analysis
• Ergonomic posture studies
• Neurological problems
• Muscle imbalance / dysfunctions
• Muscle spasms
• Nerve damage

Measurement parameters:

• Rotation speed (gyroscope)
• Acceleration (accelerometer)
• Spatial orientation (magnetometer)
• Spatial orientation on inertial data fusion
• Extent of movement calculated with a biomechanical pattern
• Muscle activity (EMG)

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DIERS Overall Brochure

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