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DIERS posture balance

Patient-individual Posture Correcting Insoles

The DIERS posture balance program is based on the principles of posture correction in accordance with Dr. Bourdiol. It uses the measurement data of the DIERS formetric system. The expert knowledge was verified in a research project with the University of Tuebingen (Institute of Sports Medicine). Taking the individual patient history into account, the DIERS posture balance program can be used to generate recommendations for posture correcting insoles (also under the term of sensory motor or proprioceptive insoles).

  • Based on Measurement Data

  • Scientifically verified

  • Verifiable therapy progress 

Sensomotoric Insoles

based on measurement data of DIERS formetric and in accordance with Dr. Bourdiol

formetric+posture balance: posture correcting sensomotoric insoles

Effects of the Correcting Elements

DIERS posture balance: Sensomotorische haltungskorrigierende Einlagen (Pelotten)

Insole Treatment Concept

DIERS posture balance: Insole Treatment Circle

Scientifically Based

The University of Tübingen (Institute of Sports Medicine) accompanied the DIERS posture balance concept as part of a research project.

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