DIERS pedogait

Dynamic Foot Pressure Measurement and Gait Analysis

The DIERS pedogait system allows the functional representation of the foot pressure reaction forces while walking. The integrated measuring platform is 1.0 m long with 5.376 sensors for an exact capture of the pressure values. The admission frequency amounts to 100 Hz what corresponds to a tact frequency of 10 ms. Thereby false measurements and artefacts are avoided.
The standing treadmill can be used for static measurements of the foot pressure measurement as well as for the stabilometry.
The DIERS pedogait is prepared for the simultaneous measurement with the DIERS 4D motion® as well as with the module DIERS leg axis.

  • Compact Dimensions

  • Fast Examination Procedure

  • High-Frequency Measurement

  • Flexible Combination with other DIERS devices

  • DIERS pedogait software: Dynamic Foot Pressure Measurement (Overview)
  • DIERS pedogait software: Foot Rollmotion
  • DIERS pedogait_foot contact zones (EN)
  • DIERS pedogait software: COP Movement / Gait Lines
  • DIERS pedogait Report: Foot Type / Foot Characteristics

Special Features

DIERS pedogait: Real-time Results of the Foot Pessure Measurement

Real-time Results

The standing treadmill can be used for Stabilometry

DIERS 4DmotionLab

Upgradable to a Complete Motion Analysis System

Measuring Parameters

Here you can find some of the numerous parameters of a pedogait measurement:

DIERS pedogait parameter: "step length"

Step Length

DIERS pedogait parameter: "step time"

Step Time

DIERS pedogait parameter: "stride width"

Stride Width

DIERS pedogait parameter: "foot rotation"

Foot Rotation

DIERS pedogait parameter: "cop movement"


DIERS pedogait parameter: "Cadence (Steps/min)"

Cadence (Steps/min)

DIERS pedogait parameter: "Load Response Phase"

Load Response Phase (%)

DIERS pedogait parameter: "Single Support Phase"

Single Support Phase (%)

DIERS pedogait parameter: "Pre-Swing Phase"

Pre-Swing Phase (%)