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Multicenter Comparison of 3D Spinal Measurements Using Surface Topography With Those From Conventional Radiography.
Spine Deformity (4), 98-103

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Evaluation of a Novel Spine and Surface topography System for Dynamic Spinal Curvature Analysis during Gait.
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Bivariate and multiple correlation analysis. 13th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS).
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Temporal characteristics of foot roll-over during barefoot jogging: reference data for young adults.
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Pressure Distribution Patterns Under the feet of new walkers: the first two month of independent walking..
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Evaluation of evidence based training therapy in patients with non-specific back pain – variability of spine shape parameters and difficulties in short-term comparisons.
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Schröder, J.; Reer, R.; Braumann, K.; Mattes, K. (2008).


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