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DIERS statico: 3D Spine and Posture Analysis

DIERS statico 3D

The Entry-level Model for Spine & Posture Analysis

The basic system DIERS statico 3D permits a rapid, high-resolution optical measurement of the human back. The procedure is radiation-free and operates without contact. Numerous clinical parameters for objective analysis of body statics and posture, scoliosis and spinal deformities can be shown. To extend the range of application the DIERS statico 3D can be upgraded with a leg axis analysis module as well as with the foot pressure plate DIERS pedoscan.

  • Radiation-free & Contactless

  • Fast Examination Procedure

  • Compact Dimensions

  • High Economic Efficiency

  • Certified Medical Device

3D Spine Reconstruction
DIERS statico 3D: Measurement Scene

Technological Features

DIERS statico: wide field of view

Wide Field of View

The stereo imager unit of the DIERS statico has a field of view of 1500 mm and can cover patients up to a height of 2.2 meters. Therefore it’s not necessary to adjust the height of the system, which means a saving of time.

3D Surface and Spine

3D Surface & Spine Reconstruction

Unlike any other systems, the DIERS formetric also delivers a 3D reconstruction of the spine without using reflecting marker dots. By the Automatic Detection of Anatomical Landmarks and a scientifically based Correlation Model (by Turner-Smith & Drerup), which describes the relation between the surface curvature and the orientation of the vertebra, it is possible to reconstruct the curve of the spine and the pelvic position.

Anatomical Landmark Detection

Automatic Detection of Anatomical Landmarks

There is generally no need for reflecting markers, because the anatomical fixpoints Vertebra Prominens (VP), Sacrum Point (SP), Dimple Left (DL) Dimple Right (DR) as well as the spinal center line and spinal rotation are automatically detected by the system. That allows a very time-saving and reliable examination procedure.

Result Pages

  • DIERS statico: 3D spine and posture analysis (3D-view)
  • DIERS statico: 3D spine and posture analysis (sagittal)
  • DIERS statico: 3D spine and posture analysis (transversal)
  • DIERS statico: 3D spine and posture analysis (comparison)
  • DIERS statico: 3D spine and posture analysis (normative data)

Standard Parameters

The basic configuration includes the following parameters:

Optional Software Add-ons

The modular structure of DICAM 3 gives you the possibility to extend the DIERS statico software by additional modules for specific applications. Here you can find the currently available add-ons, the range is continuously expanded.

DICAM3-Add-on: vertebral fracture risk

This software add-on can detect abnormalities of the spinal curve, which may be an indication for vertebral fractures.
Furthermore the patient’s risk of suffering from osteoporosis can be calculated by means of a clinically proven mathematical model.

Cooperation partner: University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf

Measurement of body sway / center of pressure
  • Clinical and neurological test
  • Only in combination with DIERS pedoscan
DICAM 3: torso scan

Using this new software application for the DIERS formetric 4D it’s possible to generate a three-dimensional surface topography of the whole trunk with an intergrated 3D reconstruction of the spinal column.

Extended range of application:

  • Deformities of the thorax (e.g. funnel chest, pigeon breast)
  • Brace adjustment
  • Follow-ups after operative corrections
  • and much more…
DIERS body balance (Medical Training Therapy)

Medical Based Training Therapy

The DIERS body balance software is a program which utilizes the high quality and reliable clinical measurement data of the DIERS formetric and DIERS myoline systems. The University of Hamburg (Institute for Sports and Locomotor Medicine) brought in the corresponding expert knowledge within the context of a research project. The software program, DIERS body balance, uses the measurement data for the direct generation of a training plan for the individual patient. The user can modify this recommendation. The training plans can be transferred to all common training equipment.

DIERS posture balance: Posture Correcting Insoles

Patient-individual Posture Correcting Insoles

The DIERS posture balance program is based on the principles of posture correction in accordance with Dr. Bourdiol. It uses the measurement data of the DIERS formetric system. The expert knowledge was verified in a research project with the University of Tuebingen (Institute of Sports Medicine). Taking the individual patient history into account, the DIERS posture balance program can be used to generate recommendations for posture correcting insoles (also under the term of sensory motor or proprioceptive insoles).

Clinical Applications:

• Objective and quantitative measurement of the human static and posture
• Computerized and clinical validated 3D-reconstruction of the spine
• Exposure time within 40ms to avoid blurring effects and artifacts
High sensitivity and reproducibility of examinations
• Objective definition of clinical parameter like spinal deformities, leg length discrepancies, pelvic obliquity and torsion, and many more
Measurement and follow up of scoliosis and all kinds of spine deformities
• Measurement and follow up of kyphosis and lordosis
• Opportunity to integrate whole body static into preoperative planning
• Postoperative measurement to monitor and improve rehabilitation procedures
• Planning and follow up measurements and documentation of therapies

User Groups:

• Orthopaedic clinics
• Rehabilitation centres
• Chiropractic
• Labour medicine
• Orthopaedic hospitals
• Physiotherapy
• Sports medicine
• School screening etc.

Additional Hardware Components

The DIERS statico can be combined with the DIERS leg axis and the DIERS pedoscan to analyse simultaneously the spinal column, the leg axis geometry and the foot pressure distribution.

Simultaneous Measurement of Spine & Posture + Foot Pressure + Leg Axis
DIERS statico: leg axis camera

DIERS leg axis

The leg axis module is a video capture and documentation device with the capability of automatic analysis of the geometry of the legs and heels. It can be used in addition to spine and posture measurement. For automatic detecion reflecting marker dots have to be positioned at the legs and heels. The standard position for exams is the posterior view. By turning the patient also examinations from sagittal and anterior are possible.

DIERS pedoscan 0.4 (Foot Pressure Plate)
DIERS statico + pedoscan

DIERS pedoscan 0.4

The DIERS pedoscan is a measurement device for recording and analysis of foot pressure and allows to quantify and qualify the foot reaction forces quickly and precisely while standing or walking. Many clinical issues concerning the objective analysis of pressure distribution, pressure peaks, and movement asymmetries are recorded to help to diagnose foot malformations or functional limitations of the lower extremities.

  • Typical Clinical Applications:
  • Foot malpositions and foot corrections
  • Diabetic foot analysis
  • Prescription of insoles (orthotics)
  • Etc.
3D simulation platform

DIERS statico + 3D Simulation Platform

The simulation platform can be used to evaluate leg length differences and foot malpositions. The effects of treatments on the spine, pelvis and posture can be simulated with the platform. During the examination, the patient stands on two separate standing surfaces which can be adjusted in three directions. Correctional parameters – e.g. for insoles which are to be made – are determined with millimetric precision.

Optional Equipment

Personal Computer System

Computer-System for DIERS statico 3D (including TFT-Monitor and Keyboard)

Electrical Isolation Transformer

Depending on National Medical Device Regulations this component may be mandatory.

Operator Desk

Specially designed operator console for the DIERS statico 3D scanning device.

Transportation Case

Do you want to have the possibility to make functional, resp. posture tests ?

In this case the DIERS formetric 4D might be the right solution for you due to higher hardware performance ( faster exposure time / averaging function)

Learn more
DIERS formetric 4D - Functional Spine & Posture Analysis

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