In spring 2016 SPORTHOMEDIC, the sports orthopedic clinic in Cologne under the management of Prof. Dr. Oliver Tobolski, opened a new department: SPORTHOMOTION, Center for Motion Analysis.

The state-of-the-art Motion Analysis Laboratory represents the link between prevention and therapy. The primary goal of a functional motion analysis is to harmonize movement patterns, detect dysfunctionalities, and to treat them appropriately. Improving an athlete’s performance through diagnostics – that is the basic idea of SPORTHOMOTION. Removing blockages and muscle imbalances is the technical challenge SPORTHOMOTION is ready to take on.


The DIERS measuring systems allow the team of SPORTHOMEDIC to perform a precise muscle function assessment, gait analysis, muscle strength measurement and spine evaluation without radiation and to provide professional training advice. The goal is to avoid injuries altogether. Detecting functional imbalances is at the core of the diagnostic procedures of SPORTHOMOTION. Functional complaints are the most common cause of pain as well as structural damages of the axial skeleton.
The early detection of such functional complaints and their treatment with specific training methods can enable competitive athletes and performance-oriented amateur athletes to prevent injuries and thus avoid training breaks.
Therefore prevention is paramount at SPORTHOMOTION. The goal is to reduce existing complaints, but particularly to avoid injuries. However, patients who have suffered injuries can benefit as well from the expertise of SPORTHOMOTION: The measuring technology of SPORTHOMOTION can clearly answer the question when an injured joint will achieve its full load-carrying capacity again after surgical or conservative treatment.
The training program is developed in close consultation with the follow-up physical therapists, with the athlete and with the team of coaches and supervisors.

But even aside from sports there is a broad area of application for motion analysis:

Possibly harmless growth deviations in a child (scoliosis/splay foot) can be evaluated radiation-free and their progression can be monitored. Another field of activity of SPORTHOMOTION is the improvement of patient mobility after prosthetic implantation (knee and hip) by means of specific tools.

Further expansions are already planned:

Besides a comprehensive motion analysis a holistic counseling of athletes also requires nutritional advice and a precise performance diagnosis. Both services will be integrated in the course of 2016 to provide highly competent counseling, especially in the field of sports.