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Segmental Evaluation of the Spine Movement

Clinical Study at University Medical Center of Mainz (Germany) Ulrich Betz(1), Jürgen Konradi(1), Janine Huthwelker(2), Joschua Heil(3), Friedrich Bodem(1), Helmut Diers(2), Irene Schmidtmann(4), Philipp Drees(2) 1 Institute for Physical Therapy, Prevention and Rehabilitation, University Medical Center Mainz 2 Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, University Medical Center Mainz 3 Department for Health Care & [...]

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Sporthomotion – Center for Motion Analysis (powered by DIERS)

In spring 2016 SPORTHOMEDIC, the sports orthopedic clinic in Cologne under the management of Prof. Dr. Oliver Tobolski, opened a new department: SPORTHOMOTION, Center for Motion Analysis. The state-of-the-art Motion Analysis Laboratory represents the link between prevention and therapy. The primary goal of a functional motion analysis is to harmonize movement patterns, detect dysfunctionalities, [...]

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