How reliable is the posture and motion analysis via rasterstereography?2017-08-14T15:54:30+02:00

Our 4D posture and motion analysis is used and held in high esteem by renowned practitioners around the globe for its reliability and accuracy. Our products are developed with leading universities in Europe and the United States, ensuring that our systems satisfy highest demands in accuracy. The underlying concept of using videorasterstereography to measure the spine is “made in Germany”: Research done by the Institute of Biomechanics of the University of Münster has laid the foundations for our products.

How much space is needed for a formetric system?2017-08-15T11:13:10+02:00
DIERS formetric 4D: Space Requirement

Space Requirement: only 300 x 150 cm, ceiling at least 250 cm

What are the advantages of 3D Spine Analysis?2017-08-21T16:44:13+02:00

• Contact-free
• High measurement accurancy
• Results are immediately available

What is a 3D analysis of the spine?2017-08-21T17:18:47+02:00

It is a fast, contact- and radiationfree measurement and analysis of the back and the spine, with a high measurement accuracy and an immediately date evaluation.

What are the advantages of 3D Spine Analysis compared to conventional examinations?2017-08-21T17:20:26+02:00

You have a better reproducibility and sensitivity. The method is contact-free (manipulation-free). You can use it for documentation and it is an objective way to show results.

How does the 3D Spine Analysis work?2017-07-11T10:43:55+02:00

The DIERS formetric is a light-optical scanning method based on Video-Raster-Stereography (VRS). Accordingly, the system consists of a light projector which projects a line grid on the back of the patient which is recorded by an imaging unit. A computer software analyzes the line curvature and generates from it  – by means of the method of the Photogrammetrie – a three-dimensional model of the surface, comparable to a plaster cast.

What advantages does the 4D system offer?2017-08-21T17:22:26+02:00

Pain in the Back and the spine; Pelvic obliquety and leg length; Malposition of the spine; Abnormalities of the spine; follow-ups


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