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DIERS dgiscan: Foot Scanner + Podoscope

DIERS digiscan

Integrated Podoscope and Foot Scanning System

The DIERS digiscan system is conceived for static foot inspection using a mirror system, for controlled foot treatment (e.g. in proprioceptive insoles), for immediate documentation using the scanner, and to link to DIERS DICAM with the option of electronic data transmission.
The DIERS digiscan completes the DIERS pedoline product family. Aside from diagnostic procedures, users receive the option of using a system for therapy and documentation.

  • 2in1 Solution

  • Compact Dimensions

  • Fast Examination Procedure


DIERS digiscan: Foot Scanning

Foot Scanning

DIERS digiscan: Foot Scanner + Podoscope
DIERS digiscan: Foot Inspection (Podoscope)

Foot Inspection (Podoscope)

Useful Editing Tools

for Foot Inspection and Custom-fit Insoles







Clinical Applications

• Static foot inspection while standing

• Asymmetries in foot weight application

• Foot malpositions and foot corrections

• Conventional and proprioceptive insole treatment

DIERS digiscan: Foot Scanner + Podoscope

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DIERS Overall Brochure

Product Brochure

DIERS Overall Brochure

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