Functional Analysis of the Musculoskeletal System

We are specified on biomechanical measuring systems to fulfil the rising clinical demands of the interdisciplinary medicine. Main focus of our research and development is the light-optical 3D / 4D spine & posture analysis,  the foot pressure & gait analysis and last but not least the muscle strength measurement.

DIERS 4D posture Lab

The Compact Solution for Posture Analysis

DIERS 4D motion® Lab

The Compact Solution for Motion Analysis

DIERS 4D motion® Lab
// high performance

Motion Analysis with up to 240 fps

DIERS statico 3D

3D Spine & Posture Analysis

DIERS formetric 4D

4D Spine & Posture Analysis

DIERS 4D motion®

Dynamic Spine Analysis

DIERS 3D Simulation Platform

Evaluation of Leg Length Differences

Cervical Spine Measurement (Range of Motion)

DIERS cervical spine

Motion Analysis of the Cervical Spine

DIERS leg axis (posterior)

Video Gait Analysis

DIERS leg axis (lateral)

Video Gait Analysis

DIERS pedoscan

Foot Pressure Measurement

DIERS pedogait

Foot & Gait Analysis

DIERS myoline: Isometric Muscle Strength Measurement

DIERS myoline

Muscle Strength Measurement

DIERS i-emg

2in1 Sensor: Inertial + EMG

Therapy Proposals

Software solutions for individual therapy proposals based on measuring data of the DIERS devices and clinically proven in scientific studies

DIERS body balance (Medical Training Therapy)

DIERS body balance

Medical Based Training Therapy

DIERS posture balance: Posture Correcting Insoles

DIERS posture balance

Patient-individual Posture Correcting Insoles

DIERS foot balance: Individual Insole Treatment

DIERS foot balance

Patient-individual Foot Correcting Insoles

DIERS pedoscan Biofeedback Training

DIERS pedofeedback

Biofeedback Training with DIERS pedoscan

Customer Services

A competent team of engineers, sports scientists, computer scientists and economists is always available for your questions and suggestions.

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DIERS Academy: Cerifications Posture and Motion Analyst